Saturday, April 25, 2009

April Showers...

The thunder and rain this morning reminded me of the Philippines! The loud bangs and rumbling thunder didn't even make me flinch! I woke up this morning with a smile on my face and curls everywhere! The humidity does wonders for my hairstyle you know. I am sad that we won't get to go out for our normal stroller ride. My doggies and I need those walks for our sanity...I had to yell at Piggy and Kelso for wrestling in the house. I stand really close to them and just yell and point. That's what my mom does and it seems to work!

I had a great week! Tita Bekah came to visit and play--she made me giggle and screech with the puppet her and Tito Peto bought for me. I met my Great Aunt Patty and Uncle Bob. I went to the doctor to have my TB test read and get my antibiotics for MRSA(yuck), and I loved playing with the other babies and kids in the waiting area. I jumped right in and starting talking and pointing to my friends--I really miss all of my friends from Holy Angels. Mom says we need to get into a play group or something...My Grampa Sid came to visit before he leaves for Las Vegas to win me some money. He gave me my fruit snacks and my bottle. I loved handing him my toys and then taking them back. I also danced for him to Yo Gabba Gabba! Mommy and I went to our first rummage to pick out some new toys. I loved the ball tower--I can go really fast and push the balls down the tube. After breakfast this morning I just wanted to play with it right away...I also managed to carry both Baby Stella and Baby 2 around with me just like a mommy! I talk to them and make them play patt-a-cake with me. I also love my jar of bugs from my mom's friend Jeanna and Matt. Jeanna will have a baby very soon too! Her baby is alreay a Brewer's fan as you can see on her t-shirt!

I am finally enjoying bath time with all of my bath toys. I thought you all would love a picture of me in the bath, right? I just had a snack with Mama--applesauce. She would take a bite, I would laugh. I would take a bite and she would laugh. It made snack time fun! Things I am still working on? Eating, staying out of the dog's water dish, saying Mama, and not hitting my doggies and mom and dad...Love you all and hope to see you at my Welcome Home Party on May 23rd! Kat

Friday, April 24, 2009


Did you know that you need to have a social security number before you can be covered by insurance under your daddy's plan? We learn something new everyday.  I am definitely going to need insurance as I have already gone to the ER, to the Dr office twice and have enough meds right now to show up papa Prill.
I've had fun meeting more people.  My Uncle Bob came from Portland to see Papa who is in the hospital.  I got a chance to meet him and my Great Aunt Patty.  Uncle Bob brought me some presents from my Aunt Sabrina and my cousins, Morgan, Malerie and Melissa, who they have dubbed MP3.  Now I have a dolly to join baby Stella.  Aunt Patty brought me a cow hand puppet.  She collects cows - I've never even seen a real cow.  Now that would be a picture - me and a cow.  Maybe I should go to Aunt Kate's dad's farm to see the cows.  My cousin, Elle, even shows cows.  I am sure I will have that to look forward to this summer.
Mommy is still not organized yet to take over this blog and let you know the real things that are happening in our household. I can tell you that  I do like to take walks in the stroller with the dogs in tow.  I also love to run around and investigate.  Freedom - what a wonderful feeling, but mommy & daddy need to keep a close watch on me.
I am learning so much and having fun in the Ide household.  I am so lucky and so loved.

Friday, April 17, 2009


1-Great toy, I can lounge & play         2 - Is this a Cubs jacket?        3 - Love my Piggy

 1 - Gramma & Me         2 - Reading the card from Uncle Smitty & Aunt Sharon

 My main man - Daddy              The red hat - gramma will take my picture each year in this.
Mommy has been getting me out for walks with the dogs.  At first I thought that this new place would never have any warmth, but now I can see that it may have possibilities.
This week, in addition to the walks, I met my Great Uncle Smitty and Great Aunt Sharon, then Mommy, Auntie Kate & my cousin Elle and I went to the Big Back Yard.  It was great.  I had fun running around and doing lots of things.  
I can hardly believe that I have been a US citizen for 3 weeks.  When do I get my stimulus check???  I also need to thank my cousin Jeanine for being the best sharer on this blog.  I love reading all you have to say and I can't wait to meet Joey (Bag of Donuts) and Alyssa (I love her clothes and if you notice I am donning some of them).  
I am hoping that Mommy or Daddy will write something for you to read soon.  I guess I take some getting use to - their schedule is thrown off with just making sure that I am happy - I AM!!!!  Love to all of you who are my new family and friends.  You are the best!!!  Katrina

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I just discovered that I can make people laugh.  Here are a couple of easy tricks I am using to entertain all the people that are coming to visit with me.  I clench my fists, I shrug up my shoulders, purse my lips and I close my eyes - it is the ultimate show of excitement and I have them all laughing.  Move #2 is the "I should have had a V8" move - I am sure they stole my move - I hit my forehead.  No, I haven't forgotten anything - I just love to see all of you smile at me.
Daddy was away on business and is coming home late tonight.  I will get to see him in the morning.
Love to all of you, Katrina

Sunday, April 12, 2009




Grampa and Gramma Ide

Uncle Peter and Aunt Rebekah - I love all my puppets.

Great Uncle Dave brought me a beautiful lamb.

Aunt Diana and Uncle Ulysses - yes, my Aunt Diana is going to have a baby too and I will have another cousin.

Wow, what a wonderful holiday.  I went to visit my daddy's family in Kenosha.  Everyone was there - and we even had time for bubbles on the deck.  Then we were off to mommy's family - again, lots of people.  I met one of the nurses from the Filipino Medical Clinic too - Zarina joined our family for Easter dinner and stayed so I could see her again.  

Zarina and me

That bunny sure was busy - I had baskets all over - even Aunt Kate & Uncle Brad brought me a basket filled with bananas - I loved it because there were kids there - my cousins, Kyle, Cal, Ava and Elle all were fun to play with and to watch.  

Kyle, Cal, Ava, Elle and I 

 Next year I am sure I am going to get in on the egg hunt and follow the string.  I'm not big enough yet.  There was also this stupid lamb cake - I got the feeling that it was a big thing - but it sure didn't look like much.  

My daddy knows his numbers.  He guessed the number of jelly beans in the jar.

I am loving all the books that I am receiving, I am loving the dogs, I have a new pair of tennis shoes courtesy of daddy, I went to the park, I've walked with mommy and the hounds in my stroller and I am getting accustom to tights, socks and shoes.  We are still working on getting the food down pat, love the baths and I am doing so much better with sleeping.  Mommy tells people that I love to hide things - in the cushions, in my mouth, in the cupboards.  It is just so much fun to explore and see all that is new.  I am chattering more and mommy and daddy are working on getting some words in my vocabulary.  
Right now I am waiting for it to get warmer here - why do people live in this cold???  I need to get some warm clothes if they plan on keeping me in this climate - maybe we can vacation in the warm in the winter.  Well, I can hope can't I?
Love, Katrina

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Easter is only a few days away and the only person who has told me what they like best about Easter and what it's all about are my cousins, Alyssa and Jeanine.  Am I to greet the Easter Bunny clueless?
New In Town, Katrina

Monday, April 6, 2009


Today I met my gramma's brother, Robin.  He is my great 
uncle.  He came to my house with Aunt Beverly and she brought me a beautiful handmade rag quilt.  It is lilac with beautiful quilted hearts on it.  I know it took her a lot of time because I heard her tell my gramma that her back was hurting.  
Thank you Aunt Beverly for the beautiful quilt and the wonderful books that I will have my mommy and daddy read to me everyday.  
It makes me feel so special to meet all these people that are so important in my family.  Thank you for coming such a long way to see me and let me get to know you.
My cousin, Jeanine, also sent me boxes of clothes - ohhhh, am I  lucky.
Mommy also took me to Maple Elementary School to meet some of her friends.  That was fun too.  
My skin is getting better, I am sleeping through the night and I am feeling so much better.  I am now looking forward to my first Easter.  What is your favorite part of Easter?  You need to tell me so I know what to expect.
Love to all of you, Katrina

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I went to my first baby shower!!!! Mommy's old college roommate, Shannon Schlink, baby is due in May and her mom and sister gave a wonderful party for her and the baby.
I went to meet Shannon, her mom and her dad. It was fun.

I saw a lot of things I have never seen before. The first thing was a fire in a fireplace. That held my attention for a long time. The next thing was a Baby Tree that Shannon's mom created for the event. There were lots of presents, lots of food and lots of people.

Mr. Schlink even took me on a special walk to see the restaurant and held me and talked to me while my mommy visited with some of her friends. Shannon looks familiar - I liked that. After I met all the people that were special to mommy my daddy came and picked me up. I don't know if I liked being separated at that time, I didn't even have cake, but I know mommy would be able to eat lunch and have some time alone and she would be home soon.

I also wore my first pair of tights. What in the heck are those things and why do you guys wear them???? I am so accustom to bare feet and bare legs this will take some getting use to.
On Monday my Great Aunt Beverly and Great Uncle Robin are coming to see me. I am excited for that event.
Love, Katrina

Friday, April 3, 2009


This ones for you!!!!
You have followed the journey from half way round the world to Sussex, Wisconsin with us so now we are hoping you will continue the journey as Katrina grows and adds adventure and wonder to our lives. Your comments, your pictures, your family - everything can be added to this blog and it will be a fun way to see how Katrina relates to her new surroundings and life.
First, I need to tell you that the parents have been going non stop since they arrived back in the US. It all started with a trip to the ER at 2:30am on her arrival day (the plane ride did havoc to her skin condition), a trip to the Filipino Medical Clinic by 8am, more
doctor appts, visits from family and friends and non ending telephone calls - so that is why there hasn't been an update on the Journey blog. It has been a struggle to get her on a schedule that would help her and her parents get over their jet lag. We can't figure out why the trip there didn't cause as much discomfort as the trip home but we have all vowed that any return trips will be in First Class, Business Class or we will buy a whole row in coach. Well, at least that is what gramma is saying. Now on to what Katrina is saying -

Mommy and daddy have changed me over to soy based formula. They are also introducing different foods slowly to see how I react to them. I still have my staples of rice and rice cereal but I am loving bananas, raisins and juice too. Gramma told my mommy that even if I don't like something the first time I need to keep having it because I may like it - this comes from a woman who won't try anything new, so go figure.
I love my bedroom, the mattress is thick and kushy. Since I am getting the cream on my skin I am waking up happy and raring to go. Kelso, Mya and Piggy love me - that is because I am now a source of food for them. They won't snatch anything away from me, but they now know that anything that hits the floor will now be theirs. I am hoping that I don't hit the floor!!!!
Here are some things that I can do so far - I can make my fingers move in the itsy bitsy spider song, I love looking in mirrors and kissing myself, I clap my hands when I am excited, I love the Baby Einstein DVD (OK Mom and Dad you need a new DVD player as the darn thing is skipping), I can point to my eyes, nose and mouth (pointing is considered rude in the Philippines so this is a new one for me) and I love to explore the cupboards where those darn locks haven't been installed. I even put back all the stuff that I took out and my mommy thinks that means that I will keep my bedroom and play area clean, right......
When family visits I get presents - they say they are my presents from Christmas but I am thinking they just want to shower me with things. Hold off fans - I have lots of growing to do and will have lots of needs that you can all fulfill - like make up, jewelry, a car - only kidding. I love all my toys so far - baby Stella, my kitchen, the horsey from cousin Alyssa and all my books. I may not know how to say thank you but you can tell when I am playing that I am thinking it. Remember, you don't need excuses to come visit - just say I called and asked you to come.
My no no's are the dog's water dish, the stairs and the metal wall hanging (which has already fallen down on my recent pull). In Tagalog no is " O O" maybe that is why I don't know what the heck they are saying.
Mommy and daddy are doing a good job as parents so far, I will keep you posted when they start to slip up. I don't know what to think of the cold, the heat in the house, and the car seat. All are new to me.
OK, it is time for me to go. If there is anything you'd like to know about the IDE household I'll be your mole. Love to all of you and here are some pictures of me.