Sunday, July 26, 2009

Katrina Goes To The Fair

Mommy and I both had our hair cut .

Here I am meeting Elle's calf, McQueen.

This is Elle's and McQueen before she went into the ring for the presentation.

Grampa helped me ride a little tractor.

Today, even though I wasn't feeling too good, I went to see my first county fair. My cousin, Elle, was showing her calf at the Washington County Fair today so we all went to see her walk her calf around the ring. I also got to pet her calf and I wasn't even afraid - gramma believes there isn't anything that scares me.
Weather was beautiful, though people tell me that it is unseasonably cool. I like it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lovin' July!

July is BEAUTIFUL! I am having so much fun! There I am running through my crazy sprinkler and with Piggy in the pool--she lounged and I played! Gramma got me a new dress--I felt pretty--I sat and sang in the driveway. Grandpa Ide and I splashed in his pool on Fourth of July weekend. Mama and I said goodbye to Zion United Methodist Church--we took a picture on the steps of the church we both were baptized/dedicated at. I gave Piggy some love--we have a special bond-- and not to mention Mama and I, and Piggy of course, relaxing in the chair! Much more to come! I started speech yesterday and really like my teacher. The best idea was for my mom to get an electric toothbrush. My teacher said it would wake up my mouth! Can you believe it? I used it all morning and cried when mommy took it away--but sure enough--I chattered all day!!! It worked!