Sunday, November 1, 2009


October came and went and the cold chilled my bones too quickly! The end of September and beginning of October marked many new things for me and my family--the birth of my new cousin--baby Ulises! I loved him the minute I saw him. I started Music and Rhythm Classes with the Rec Dept (lots of singing and playing with instruments which I LOVE). I even started Teddy Tumbling and Swimming at the YMCA. Swimming was great with Mommy and Daddy both there. I was ready to jump right in the minute I got to the edge of the pool. 15 minutes into class I started shivering--my teacher said I needed more"meat on my bones!" Tumbling was a different story--my classmates are very unique. The first day could've been used in a sitcom--no teacher, a custodian that clearly "loved" children, a fill-in teacher that got thrown-up all over by a little girl, and no control as we all ran around screaming. My mommy jumped in to help and had us running and jumping. Before I knew it, I saw two of my classmates hanging on her legs! My mommy also realizes that I am REALLY "active" compared to other kids my age:) She couldn't get me out from under the parachute! I also started going to the "daycare" at Sneakers Fitness while my mom teaches aerobics. There are some good stories there! ( I am still learning to stay on the ground to play and also learning again that sharing is tough!)

I am still battling my ear infections/fluid and sinus infection...Soooo, my BIG surgery is on Thursday, November 5th. I will have my adenoids removed and ear tubes put in. Dr. says that this will make me a new baby--and relieve the fluid and maybe even help me eat better. Momma hopes so...Despite not being 100 percent, I have started talking up a storm! I put 2 words together to make some phrases and copy every last word mommy or daddy say. I love acting out things with my baby doll and doggies. My favorite phrases are still, "Ohhh noooo!, and "Moyyy"(more). I try to sing the Barney songs on my favorite Barney video too.

My first Halloween was wonderful! Mom and I carved a bat in my pumpkin! And CANDY! a new word in my vocab--also Trick or Treat (I try--but it comes out "Teatrteat.") My cousins Elle and Ava showed me the ropes pretty quickly. We raced down the road in the dark with our parents chasing after us. I said "Thank you" to all of the neighbors and wanted to eat the candy right away! I chewed on a glow stick to tide my hunger--my mom looked in horror as my chin was glowing in the dark...Aren't I the cutest flower you've ever seen?

Thank you to all of my special family and friends who shared a loving donation of money to my dear family at Hospicio de San Jose. The flooding has devastated the facility--they are overwhelmed, yet continue to open their arms to many children in need of a family. We raised over 1250 dollars to send. Thank you for showing your support and love for me by taking care of those who are so important to me.

Enjoy the pics--sorry they were so late. Mom has just been enjoying her time with me and enjoying all the new activities we are in! I have my special 2 year photo shoot on Wednesday. We hope to get some good pics then--I am still learning how to smile and sit still for the camera. I hope this photographer has a quick click finger!!! Love you all--Kat-Kat

Happy Halloween

Gramma wanted to share my first Halloween with you. I was a flower - catch the Converse shoes. It was a cold night to trick or treat and I got the "treat" part in and the "tank you" part too. Maybe next year I will really get the hang of it.