Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Maligayang Bati!

My birthday was PERFECT! It all started on Thursday when my little friend, Madison came to visit. She is my mommy's friend Shannon's baby...we sat and giggled on the chair together, I gave her kisses and just stared a little. It was so nice of Madison to get me a new dress and a Mrs. Potato Head!
My birthday party was on Sunday--I napped and woke up smiling when mommy told me it was time to put on my fancy birthday dress! It was from my cousins Joey, Alyssa, Jeanine, and Phil. I felt so pretty in it and couldn't wait to party!
I had a Dora theme going on with lots of BIG balloons that I loved playing with. I had fun running around with my cousins, Ava, Kyle, Cal, and Elle. All of my Grandmas and Grandpas came!
I took my time opening each and every card and present. I was so excited to see what each gift held. I walked around to show everyone the neat clothes and toys and even modeled a few items: a sweater and hat from Gramma and Papa Prill, pajamas from Tita D and Tito U...Oh, every gift was so special. I took time to say "Tank youuuu" to each of my beloved family members...
The best part was when Elle brought in her special gift--my new mini-trampoline! Elle decided it was time to pass it on to me--Oh man, did I ever get excited over that! I just had to try it out! I hopped on and yelled, "JUMP, JUMP, JUMP! Yaaaaaayyyy!" Everyone started laughing to see such fun so I had to keep entertaining...Glad I could make your day everyone! That will be an image I think for years to come that will make my family smile!
I have my big 2 year doctor visit on Wednesday...we will see how my ears are doing and all that other stuff...Love you all--thank you for always thinking of me and making me feel so special--Kat-kat

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September highlights...

I am such a silly girl--always HAPPY! I have fun wherever I go and whatever I do...Here are some pictures--me sitting still just long enough for mommy to get a picture of me and my craaazy hair, Papa T and I playing with my baby, and looking at my scrapbook Sue made me (I say, "Kat-kat" and point to my pictures). I stopped with some of the important men in my life to take a picture--we are on the riverwalk downtown Milwaukee. Mama, Dada and I had fun at the zoo in the train. I waved to everyone and said, "Hiiiiii!"

My birthday is on Thursday, September 17th--I can't wait! I asked for Handy Manny stuff, rhythm sticks, bathtub toys, and BOOKS. I also love to jump, maybe mommy and daddy will find a mini trampoline for me???? I hope so...Love you, Kat-kat

P.S. My mom says maybe she will continue to add to the blog until March 28th (1 year to the date they came home with me)

Friday, September 4, 2009

On the mend...

The end of July and August were rough as I battled constant sickness--you must know that I remained happy, playful, active, and smiling throughout the whole thing--that is throughout ear infections, a sinus infection, high fevers, fluid in my ears, and enlarged tonsils and adenoids! It took me three different antibiotics. I am still on number three--20 days! It seems that I am finally on the mend--let's keep our fingers crossed! You people here have some meeeannn viruses! Yikes.

I am growing more beautiful by each day--now a whopping 19.5 pounds! My favorite foods are noodles, rice and vegetables, hot dogs, peas, and purple grapes. I still love my "bah-bah" bottle and find comfort in it after every meal. I love to read the Napping House--over and over and over again. I love Barney and anything on the Disney Channel--the Imagination Movers are my favorite to dance to. Speaking of dancing--anything that has a beat gets me going--the other day, the sound of the washing machine had me bobbing my head:)
I am talking up a storm--some of my words: apple, banana, avocado, grapes, cheese, up, down, sleep, hello, bye-bye, hi!, Noooo, more, jump, baby, doggy, weeeeeeee!, happy, sad,...the list goes on. I am very dramatic and giggle with my hands covering my mouth. I like to fall and say, "Whoooa!" I have gotten yelled at many times for jumping on the bed, and running away and hiding when my parents needed me. But, I am so cute, I get away with alot. I call my blankie "bring back" because that's what my mommy sings to me when I rock her.."Bring Back, Bring Back, oh bring back my bonny to me..."
My second birthday is just around the corner--September 17th! That will be the last of the blog! The adoption will be complete in a month and I will get my own social security card. My permanent residency card came in the mail for USCIS! I can't believe it will soon be 6 months home with my family. It is like we have always been! Love you--Kat-Kat!