Monday, March 1, 2010

A Quick Look Back

Here is a picture of our darling little Katrina! We received this from her Ninang Fritzie from Hospicio de San Jose. What a remarkable little lady--don't you think. My has she grown. There is so much to share as we come to celebrate our one-year anniversary of our unison as a family. The best moment of our lives was our first look at the beautiful little angel we were chosen to help raise...It has been an amazing first year...more to come


  1. I cannot even imagine life without her or even before her for that matter. She is absolutely the "apple of our eye" and one of the greatest joys of our life! Our only dissappointment is that we don't live closer so we could spend more time with her. We just can't get enough of that darling little face! Hugs & Kisses from Papa Ide and Lola Cheryl xxxxxxxx-oooooooooo

  2. What a wee little one she was! She is so precious! I love reading what she is up to.


  3. Oh wow, she looks so cute! She looks like both of you :)