Saturday, December 12, 2009

On stage...I was a natural!

Away in a manger...I decide the live Filipino heritage nativity scene needs some more "spice" so I get up and dance mid stage. After my solo was complete, I ran offstage to Grandma!

Here I am! Where is mommy? Stuck behind stage trying to call my name so I sit nice....nope--didn't happen!

Over a foot of snow! We played and mommy pulled me around on my snowmen sled. My nose got a chillin' all too soon and we were back inside before we knew it. I'm just not used to this weather yet! I love to look at the "snowplakes and snowmens" from inside our cozy house.


  1. This was one of my favorite Katrina episodes. It was a classic and I loved every minute of it. Got to love the Filipino get togethers.

  2. Wait, I forgot to mention the confrontation with another 2 yr old. Me with my fan and her with her flower - we did a slap off.